Job categorySales / Administration
Business contentReal estate management / consulting business
Revenue calculation of investment property
Empty room measures (advertisement, publicity, etc.)
Selection and negotiation etc. of management company
Qualification requirementsThose who want to acquire knowledge of real estate
Those who want to acquire knowledge of WEB
Welcome experience / qualificationExperience in purchasing real estate
Person who possesses residential building trading qualification
Person who has network with real estate broker
English proficient
Those who have an architect qualification
Person who has a financial planner qualification
Employment statusFull-time employee ・ Contract employee
Working hours10:00~19:00
Holiday / VacationWednesday 2nd (Wednesday, Sunday)
New Year holiday
Summer vacation
GW Vacation
Work locationShinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Salary220,000 yen
※ We will decide upon considering experience, age, skills.
※ trial period (3 months)
Treatment · BenefitsSocial insurance complete
commuting allowance
qualification acquisition allowance
participation in various seminars
employee travel etc.
Application methodPlease contact us from the adopted form.

Employment form